~me as usual as you know.....~

~ 'red, black die hard fan....
~ crazy with a teddy bear and meow2...
~ syg my family very much!
~ love musics...MuSiC iS My LiFe!
~ HaPpY Go lUcKy pErSoN =)~LaLaLa~
~ love sports esp nEtBaLl, hoCkey, bOwLiNg, HandBaLL also voLLybaLL=)
~ Friendly, gOOd Listener, secret keeper,JoKeR...HaHa!
~SuKa nAnGiS n MaJuK jGk =p
~ i hate LIAR and those who hurt my heart... =(
~coklat cadbury black forest..nyum3
~Also crazy with TULIP FLOWERS... ^_^

* buy my dream car (LANCER)(latest version!)
* buy my dream phone (HTC)(latest version!)
* buy my Smart Home
* JAPAN n NEW ZEALAND - someday i will be there!

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